This idyllic village is situated between the mountains Laber and Kofel at the little Ammer creek. Embedded in a wonderful piece of nature and marvellous landscape, Oberammergau is an eldorado for hikers and cross-county skiing. The famous King Ludwig cross-county skiing challenge taking place every year.

Oberammercau became famous mostly because of the Passion play which takes place every 10 years. It is also the birthplace of the Lüftelpaintings (outdoor facade paintings) and so many famous and beautiful pieces of artwork can be found here, e.g. the Pilatushouse or the Fairy-tale-houses.

For hundreds of years, the wood-carvers and especially the so called "Hergottsschnitzer" (wood carvers which are specialized on religious figures and themes) live in this town and many shops offer their unique products.

Passionsspielhaus - (c) Stefan de Paly

Pilatushaus - (c) Stefan de Paly

Pilatushaus - (c) Stefan de Paly

Rotkäppchenhaus - (c) Horst Reisenhammer