Passionsspiele 2010Passion Play 2010

Passionplay 2010

Every 10 years the famous Passionplay gets Oberammergau into a state of exceptional excitement. Abour 5.300 inhabitants live in Oberammergau and 2.500 participate as actors or otherwise in this magnificent play. The passion of Jesus Christ is performed as a monumental theatrical performance which is absolutely unique in the whole world.

In the period from May to October performances take place and 500.000 guests are expected to come. For the first time in the history of the Passionplay, there will be performances in the evenening which has lead to quite some discussions.

If you have the chance to visit one of the performances you will be able to experience a peerless event and will return home with images in your mind and photo album you will never forget for your whole life.

As there is many additional (background-) information and stories around the history of the passion play I am offering a special "Passionplay Program" which can also be adapted to your wishes.

In the gallery section you can view some impresions from the Passionplay of the year 2000.

Pichtures from the Passionplay from the year 2000

Photos: Passion Play 2000