ÜbersichtskarteMap overview

Map overview

on this page you can get a small insight to the various locations which can be visited. I can guide you to these places and you will not only visit them but plunge deeply into the historical heritage and also get to know all the backgrounds - everything in a vivid and at some points also humorous way.

My special places and secret spots are missing here but you are welcome to follow me to experience some of the most beautiful and spectacular places you can find in this world.

Sport events and activities will be planned according to your requirements and are not included in the map.

Ask me about the various possibilities!

A short intruduction how to use the map:
- Klicking on the red marker will show a description (German) and an image
- Klicking the left mouse button and holding him down moves the map around
- Zooming in and out can be achieved by klicking on the zoom-bar on the lefthand side